5 Things you missed if you did not attend Next Growth Conclave

Let me start with the users who do not know what Next Growth Conclave is!

Next Growth Conclave is undoubtedly Nepal’s biggest startup and entrepreneurship conference, organised by M&S NEXT Venture Corp. on September 25th, 2016. The conclave was as a part of its mission to create an entrepreneurial support system for faster business growth and to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. M&S Next Venture Corp. also opened application for its highly anticipated business accelerator program, NEXT Launchpad, at the event.

The event was packed with speeches from 12 national and international speakers, panel discussions, Q&A sessions and attractions like Kickstart Hill and Startup Valley.

So, what really is the big fuss about this event? Well, here are 5 things you missed if you were not there.

5. Panel discussions

Next Growth Conclave had speakers from Nepal and other South Eastern Asian countries including India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Hongkong. With speakers from different sectors of entrepreneurship (each having very diverse mindset), panel discussions were like the one you see in TV shows. Speakers, debating each other on some topics creating buzz and sharing their insights on what it really takes to grow a business.

4. What conferences should be like!

To be dead honest, conferences in Nepal are not up to the mark, the way it should be. You will probably come across technical problems, lack of proper management, delayed and even boring. But with Next Growth Conclave, M&S has set a bar for conferences in Nepal. It was one of the best entrepreneurship conference Nepal has ever seen. The perfect venue (Thanks to Soaltee Crowne Plaza), experienced speakers from around the globe, a very strong young team with proper management and lastly, not to forget Mr. Zaffar Naik; the moderator of the event on panel discussions, with his right on-point questions backed up with enough research.

panel discussion at Next Growth Conclave

3. Speakers Delight

Since the speakers had so much say and can not simply be put on one single article, let’s just go through each speaker and the best things they had to say;

Mahesh Murthy: Don’t ever try to copy other successful businesses, instead build a business that solves a local problem. You find a natural growth only when you build unique, and solve the real problem.

Joseph Jeong: Set your moon shot goal, reverse engineer and learn. Repeat and Repeat. The idea is only a small part of your business. Execution is PARAMOUNT.

Bhupendra Khanal: “Innovation” is the fuel for Business Sustenance!

Vinay Singhal: The only thing that is necessary to run a successful business is emotions.

Aditi Chaurasia: If you are ready to fight, there’s is nothing to stop you.

Sneh Sharma: We are born for a purpose and the same should go with your company.

Deepak Raj Joshi: Nepal is a land where there is very less opportunities for job seekers, but so many opportunities for job creators.

Minhaz Anwar: The ideas, the future, is right here. If you take a charge in yourself, the world will follow you.

Amarit Charoenphan: Be open to collaborations, your community needs to grow.

Ajeet Khurana: Size of the opportunity, team and self invested (prototype/cashflow) are the criteria for investment.

Shahil Agarwal: The only reason if I am able to run 56 different businesses is because of a good team.

2. Startup Valley

Startup Valley was a platform in the event that showcased the best Startups in Kathmandu. 25 selected startups were given an opportunity showcase their products, and network with guests founders, senior entrepreneurs and investors, acquiring high value exposure.

Startup Valley at Next Growth Conclave

1. The Ajeet Khurana Speech

If there was one thing that was missing, it was humor, and Ajeet Khurana brought audience back to life with his witty views about investment on startups and what he sees while he invests on one.

“We are investors. When we invest on a business, don’t thank us. We are not doing you a favor, we want returns,” says Ajeet Khurrana on his speech.

Ajeet Khurana shared about the companies that he has invested and how pitching skills doesn’t matter while it comes to investing.

“One of the best investment I have made, gave one of the worst pitching. So, I don’t see pitching skills while I invest. I invest on people.”

LIVE on #Periscope: @Ajeetk is setting stage on fire! #NextGrowthConclave https://t.co/FiR0N8krPs

— M&S NEXT (@mnsNEXT) September 25, 2016

The event also had Investor Lounge, Media Lounge, and Kickstart Hill as an attraction where startups could network with investors, gain media exposure and even launch their startup.


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