Android M Release Date and Top Features

Probably everyone knows that Android Marshmallow is the official name given by Google for its next operating system update. But how is it different from previous version of android and will your device get android m update?

Google has already launched its  three versions of developer preview for nexus devices. Android M is itself a change for mobile operating system. Here are some top features that comes with Android M update.

App Permissions:

You may have noticed that whenever you install any app from google or apk first of all you are greeted with a bunch of permissiapp permissionon lists that the app will be using after it is installed. It’s obvious that we never read that and simply proceed to install the app. But now things are changing. One of the biggest update is android m is smart app permission. Now the list of permission while installing any application is gone. It now asks permission whenever the app need right away. Not only this much you can have full control over the app permission i.e you can allow as well as block permission individually on any app. Just for an example you’ve recently installed WhatsApp on your device, you opened whatsapp and tried to send a voice message to one of your friend, As soon as you click on voice message icon a popup will appear that ask permission to use mic on whatsapp, you can smartly allow or block the permission. Overall you can also go to settings and manage all the permission for any apps individually as well.

App Links:

Another small but very effective change in android M is app links. With The newer version of android operating system, its being more and more friendly with links. the way our OS handles links is being simplified. Let’s understand better with an example.Your friend just send you a message link about a video on youtube. Previously on older version of android as we click on the links we were provided with a bunch of applications like chrome, other browsers, youtube to open the link. But with this version of android, as the moment we click on the link it automatically knows what the link is about and launches youtube quickly without any popups which is pretty cool. Google is really making easier to have direct link between apps without landing in web browsers.

app links

Fingerprint Support:

Revealed on Google I/O 2015, Android M is packed with fingerprint reader support for any device with fingerprint scanner. Now not only users can directly authorize android pay with their finger print but they also can use it as a lock screen security options that makes your device more personal. Users can also authorize Google Play Store payment with fingerprint scanner. We have to see how developers are going to take advantage of this features within their apps.

finger print

Volume Control(Improved):

Another little useful tweak on android m is direct volume control options. With android m you can now easily control your ringer volume, media volume, alarm volume all at one place with three separate sliders which is simple as well as effective.

volume control

Now On Tap:

Google is really working harder and harder for simplicity in searching things. With Android M and now on tap now you can easily request google to search about your interest from any screen with a simple long press on home button. Good news is that you don’t need to navigate from apps to apps while searching, everything is now handled by a single google app. Wait, Google Now can now even recognize on what’s your screen for better and efficient search result. As the demo was perfectly shown on Google I/O 2015. Let’s understand with a better example. Your friend send you a message requesting you to go for a movie called “Everest” and you want to check its rating. With Google Now on Tap you just have to long press your home button and all the information arrives on your screen. That’s pretty cool and  saves our time too.

now on tap


So called Doze is one of the biggest feature on Android M. Android in always well known for its battery consumption but it’s getting better and better with latest versions. Basically doze monitors when your device is not being used and goes into deeper sleep by limiting apps activity that helps to prevent your battery drainage overnight or while not being used. Don’t worry, you will never miss your calls, messages or any alrams you have set.No matter how much software technologies will be introduced, at the end of the day we have to charge our devices. But this time google has claimed that in compared to lollipop and older version of android, doze will help in saving your device’s battery power upto 2X. We have to wait till the date to see how much google will stand upon their words.


So, there are some new upgrades on Android M.

Release Date:

Finally the wait is over. Google will be releasing its next Nexus devices with “Android M” on coming Tuesday September 29.Though we cannot expect for other devices to get Android M upgrade on the same day.Android 6.0 upgrade is likely to be sooner or later after their launch of new nexus devices. But with the meaning “later this fallProbably, October 5 will be the official day for android M upgrade for other supporting devices according to information given by MoblieSyrup.


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