NTC and Ncell Data Packages

Ntc and Ncell Data PackagesNtc and Ncell Data Packages

The number of Internet users in past few years have been largely increased and so has the data tariff reduction rate. Both the government owned ‘Nepal Telecom’ and the private hero ‘Ncell’ are having severe competition for in providing better services at cheaper rates. NT provides data tariff as low as Rs. 1 per MB while Ncell’s stuck with Rs. 3 per MB. Here, we compare data packages of both giant operators so that you can choose what suits you the best.

  1. The tariff of NT is cheaper (Rs. 1/MB) compared to that of Ncell (Rs. 3/MB).
  2. NTC provides data packages from 10 MB to 10 GB while with Ncell you can choose from 6 MB (with 1 day validity), 18MB and 40MB.
  3. You get 28paisa/MB when you subscribe to 10 GB of data worth Rs. 2800 (6 months validity). With Ncell the cheapest you get is 38paisa/MB on 3GB subscription at Rs. 1150 (1 month validity).

NT has recently launched cheaper data packs with up to 10 days validity. The pictures below show the data rates of both the operators. But before that, here’s you activate internet on your device.

Ncell Packages

Ncell Pack

Ncell also provides a different Facebook Packages for you Facebook lovers out there. Here’s how you activate it and the current rates. Fb packs starts from Rs. 0fb ncell.45/MB

NT small Packages 

Ntc small 

NT large packages

ntc large

How to Subscribe(NCELL):

Just dial *17123# and follow the instructions.

To check remaining data volume:

Just check your balance (*101#) and your remaining data packages will me sent to you via text message.

How to Subscribe (NTC): 

For GSM postpaid:-

Type data<space>desiredVolumeMB and send to 1400.

For eg. to subscribe 10 MB, type  DATA 10MB and send it to 1400.

For GSM prepaid and CDMA postpaid/prepaid:-

Type data<space>desiredVolumeMB and send to 1415.

For eg. to subscribe 10 MB, type  DATA 10MB and send it to 1415.

How to check remaining Data Volume:

For GSM postpaid:-

Type CB and send to 1400.

For GSM prepaid and CDMA postpaid/prepaid:-

Type VL and send to 1415.

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