How to stay away from Facebook Spamming?

Recently, Many facebook users have been victim of facebook spamming. Huge number of people are harassed because of unacceptable adult contents shared on facebook. These adult contents are shared in facebook groups, messages everywhere. Those spams get automatically shared without the account holder’s knowledge. Today we are going to talk about these spams and how can we stay away from them.

The biggest problem with people these days are they don’t care about their privacy. People tends to authorise any app with their Facebook account, which is the main  reason for facebook spamming. Be sure you never sign up with Facebook on external sites until you have fully trust to the site.

Never ever authorise any app in the Facebook that are not familiar with you. You can see the full list of apps that you have authorised under your account settings. FOllow these steps to remove un familier apps from your facebook:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to your account settings and navigate to Apps

You can see a full list of your authorised apps on your account. If you are not familiar with any app remove it right now with simply crossing the desired app.



Never ever click on the shared spam links on Facebook. We see different links with adult contained thumbnail are shared on facebook groups and messages. With the thinking to see those so called “attractive adult content”  people click on the link and the game begins. As soon as the user clicks the link the same thing gets posted to each and every facebook group and often also messaged to many friends without the single knowledge of the account holder.
Worst Case Scenario:  Accidentally if you are the victim of these spams the first thing yo need to do is deactivate your facebook account and wait for the facebook team to analyze and remove the spam. It may take from 24 hours to a week.

If you see such spam links in your facebook home page, simply report them and stay away from clicking them.


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