Google’s new Tablet Pixel C Specs

Google announces its first pixel branded android tablet yesterday along with the release of Nexus 6P and 5X. Pixel C is the next generation tablet built by google in line with its high end Chromebooks. With the size of 10.2 inch this tablet has a screen resolution of 2560 by 1800 pixels and density of 308 ppi. Featuring the google’s latest software Android Marshmallow, this device is powered by NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor and 3 Gigs of RAM.


Basically Pixel C is a tablet that comes with a 2 mm thick(approx) clever detachable keyboard priced for $149 that directly attaches to the tablet via magnets and allows the tablet to adjust up to 135 degrees. This keyboard comes with inbuilt Bluetooth that connects to Pixel C with no string attached. Charging? come on, When the tablet is in rest attached with keyboard, the keyboard automatically gets charged. Google claims that once the keyboard is fully charged it can last up to two month. Talking about batty on Pixel C, google says it can last up to 10 hours once fully charged upon normal usage. It’s sure that the new feature Doze on Android M will certainly extend its battery life while the tablet is not being used. With the new USB port c type, charging and data syncing is really fast and more reliable.


Some of the key Features of Pixel C

  • Latest Android M with Google’s Update every six weeks.
  • Full aluminium designed body.
  • A display of 10.2 inch with 2560 by 1800 pixels and density of 308 ppi.
  • Multi- Touch Supported.
  • Camera with GEO tagging support.
  • Powered by NVIDIA  Tegra X1 and 3 GB RAM.
  • Octa Core ARM Cortex-A57 and ARM Cortex-A53, 64 bit processor.
  • Internal Storage of 32GB and 64GB.
  • Optional Wireless Bluetooth support.
  • USB Type C for faster charging and data Syncing.

Price and Release Date:

Officially announced by Google on 29th September 2015, Pixel C will be available in two variants of storage. One is 32GB version that cost around $499  and another is 64GB Version that cost around $599.

You can check what’s new on Android Marshmallow and it’s release date for your devices here


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