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The world is being changed rapidly with varieties of massive technology. Smart things are being smarter. Mobile Phones are not just a device to make calls and messages any more. Various hardware and software companies are spending billions of money for enhancing the mobile experience to the next level. With the vision of modernization and better living style today our mobile phones can do thousand of stuffs just with some touches.
There are thousand of mobile phones available in the market with the varieties of features and price ranges. It’s totally your decision to choose the best one for you but that is not an easy task to do. So here’s how you choose your next smartphone.
“Perfect Smartphone” does not exist yet. Sure, there’s a perfect smartphone for your kind though. Satisfaction is the key here and some researching will certainly help you to spend your money just the right while you choose the right smartphone for yourself. Here are various things that you need to keep in mind for your next smartphone.

Built Quality: 

One of the most important aspect of choosing the smartphone for you is built quality. What if you spend a large amount of money for a fully featured phone but it didn’t last long? What if the phone fails even in small drop? So, built quality plays an important role for a smartphone. and the built quality varies from phones to phones, Some of the device have very high built quality with high price and some of them are normal. Smartphone companies like Colors, Karbonn including Google’s new project Android One are popular for their mid price range. They really work hard to built a device with more features with compressed price as well as built quality.But,  the better the built quality, the higher the price!!


Because selfies and profile pictures exist!! Digital camera are in the verge of extinction and DSLR are not compact enough. Smartphones come with very high megapixel of camera with a bunch of imaging technology these days. So while buying a smartphone camera quality should be considered as well. Ask yourself, are you a big fan of photography? Do you need to take pictures constantly? If the answer is “Yes”, then search a phone with good camera, which narrows down your search. But if you are not a big lover of pictures, then focus on other features you care about and have your camera range to 5-8 megapixels on rear and VGA on the front.


Here comes the most important one. How much is your phone storage capacity? No one likes if there phone goes out of storage with the normal and needy things.  Memory varies from user to user, some user like to carry everything backed up with their phone and some are of normal kind. So its again your decision to choose what kind of user you are. If you’d like to keep all your pictures, videos, movies, many apps and games then you should obviously go with the higher storage capacity phone. But this does not matter much if the phone supports expandable memory. So the suggestion is to choose a phone with an external sd card support so that you can always expand or de-expand your storage as per your need. But wait, when there is a talk about memory, storage is not enough, RAM also play important role in your phone. If you are a heavy gamer, you need more applications to run then you should go with higher amount of ram, For budget android devices 1.5 to 2 GB of ram would be enough for normal as well as heavy user depending on the processor capacity.


Here come the superhero of every phone. Your phone has a best camera, high speed processor and a lot of features packed but what if your phone doesn’t even last long for a day or two. Power is always important. If you are a traveller or you have to move from place to place and don’t get much time to charge your phone then thats obvious that you should seek a phone with high battery capacity.If you are a normal user and have enough time to charge your phone than 2000mAh to 2500mAh battery would be enough for you to last a couple of days. But for heavy users and travelers you can go with 3000mAh or more while you choose the right smartphone for yourself.


$$$ – Don’t go out of your budget. Everybody wants a good phone, the best one, of course, but keep in mind the money you are putting on it. Is the smartphone worth the money you are about to spend on it? See Top Budget smartphones 2015

That’s all, now its your job to find a phone according to your usage, interest and budget. 

Still Confused? – Try Android – which phone to choose the right smartphone for yourself.

If you are still in trouble,  Contact us with your price range, Specs and we’ll give you a list of devices of your need.


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