How to save mobile data on android smartphones?


Android smartphones has gained a lot of popularity in last years. As the price range of these smartphones has minimum to maximum, a lot pf people use android devices. Having a smartphone not connected to internet is like having a tripod without a camera. Internet connection is a must on android devices. Many people find it easier to use internet on their smartphones rather than computers. WiFi and Data Plans are the main source of internet on our smartphones. If  you can easily get connected to WiFi then there is no problem for your data usage. But there are a lot of people who fully depend on mobile data for internet connection and by knowing or unknowingly they tend to use a lot of data from there smartphone. Today we are going to learn a simple trick that can simply save a lot of data amount from your smartphone.[adToAppearHere]

In the context of Nepal, Data packs are very expensive to buy. So how are we going to take the full benefits of all the data plan that we bought? Android smartphones consumes a lot of background data while you are surfing internet. Here are some easy tips that you can learn to save a lot of mobile data on your android:

  •   Use Lite Web Browsers: The amount of data plan heavily depends on the browser you use on your android devices. Web browsers like Opera Mini, UC Browser has a lot of data saving techniques.  We strongly recommend you o use these browsers while Surfing with mobile data. You can download these browsers by going into the following link
    Opera Mini Free Download
    UC Browser
  • Restrict Background Data: We keep complaining, my data pack has finished so fast, I have not surfed mote than five minutes. But most of us don’t know the reason behind this. Android smartphones use a lot of background data for communication and syncing purpose. and there is a way to stop these unnecessary syncing to minimize your data usage. Simply follow these steps:1. Go into your settings
    2. Click on Data Usage
    3. Click on options and select “Restrict background data”Once you have done that correctly, you will find a triangle shaped logo on your notification panel saying “Background Data restricted”.
    Now you can easily surf internet with very minimal amount of data usage. Once you have finished surfing just turn of your mobile data. To remove the logo on notification panel just single tap on that logo and it will be vanished.

If you find this method incontinent, just simply download and use Opera Max and simply allow your costume apps to have internet access and you are all set.