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MSQRD for Android

Snapchat? Nahh, MSQRD!! MSQRD app is your one stop shop for insane awesome selfies that can turn you into the Obama, Joker, Harry Potter and a plethora of other characters or personalities

MSQRD offers selfie masks to photos and videos that you can save and share.

Here’s what you need to know about the fun and increasingly popular MSQRD app for iPhone and about Android releases.

What is MSQRD?

MSQRD is a shortform of Masquerade, a free app on iPhone and iPad that uses live face tracking to present incredible effects to the photos and videos you click.

MSQRD on Android

Record video selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to friends via your favorite messengers and social networks.

It also offers a huge collection of celebrities and animated emoji like effects to take photos and record videos using some of them by nodding your head or opening your mouth (just like in snapchat, but better).

MSQRD Android app

MSQRD app for Android is not available Now.  But be aware of  numerous other apps trying to imitate the app, not of them are official version of the app. According to MSQRD, official Facebook page, they have released a beta version for Android. The download link is clearly given below.

MSQRD on Android

MSQRD was the top free iOS app in the USA. According to charts TOP 1 in 50+ Countries! Stay Tuned and Subscribe to receive a notification when the app is released.  Give MSQRD Android a Like to stay updated about the release and Funny Videos.

Give MSQRD Android a Like to stay updated about the release and Funny Videos.
You can Download the MSQRD official Beta Version Apk here or directly from Google Play Store


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