How to write your name in Nepali Patriotic Font?


Nepali Patriotic Font is highly trending these days. Everywhere especially in social networking sites, large number of people are willing to write their names in Patriotic Format.  Today, We are gonna learn how to write our own name in patriotic format. Follow easy steps below:

  1. First of all you need to install Patriotic Font in your Laptop/ Pc.
  2. You can download the font Here
  3. Once you’ve successfully downloaded the font, open it and click on the install button on the top.1
  4. Once the installation process completes(It will not take more than 10 seconds), You’ll see a popup saying font successfully installed.
  5. After successfully installation open your favorite text editor. (We’ll use Ms Paint as Example).
  6. Open Ms Paint and write your desited name.
  7. After writing your name, Press Ctrl + (Select all text) and  go to font option and search for RabinsXP and select it.2
  8. That’s all now you are good to go.

You can repeat the same process using photoshop or any editor. Add Backgrounds, Colors and make your picture as Patriotic as you can. If anyone is having trouble installing or using the font, please let us know down in the comment section below.
Thank You Suman, Saroj bro and everyone from MRR!

The font is Created by  Rabins Sharma Lamichhane.
For More Information  visit


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  1. Main credit goes to mrrian Suraj bro. So give him credit

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  3. I created the font! I’ll have to take action if you dont change the creator! I have all the files for my font!

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  20. give credit to suman bro … he is the creator of this font

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