Pokeman Go: How To Install & How To Play? Android & IOS

If you’ve ever been our for past few days, changes you’ve seen people swapping their phones in the front of place of interest, laughing and screaming “Yay, I found one!” You may have wondered: What the heck is happening? Yes even in Nepal, Yesterday I was on the way to Durbar marg and some girls were going crazy, swapping their phones on the streets and screaming.
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What is Pokémon GO?

The answer is Pokémon GO, the all new smartphone game developed by Nintendo and Niantic Labs. Pokémon GO is a “real world adventure”  Game, that uses GPS and Augmented Reality(AR) to allow you to hurt and train Pokémon as you’re out. This AR uses your AR functionality uses your smartphone or tablet’s back-facing camera to display Pokémon as though they are actually in front of you.

Here is One Screenshot for the game:


Where do i download Pokémon GO for Android?

Currently, If you go and search for Pokémon GO on Google Play Store, you may see the result like ” The Item is not available in your country or region”. Not to worry the game Pokémon GO can be safely downloaded and installed on your smartphone no matter which country are you in. To download and install the apk file go to Download Pokémon GO (Latest Version) and download the apk file, install it in your android device and you are good to go.

Where do i download Pokémon GO for IOS?

In this case, we have a slightly different way. Since IOS does not supports apk or any setups files. The only way you can download is from AppStore. But since the game is not available in our reason/country, all we have to do is create a IOS account with county set to USA. See the video down below for full demonstration. If you are in any short of trouble, the comment box is always there!

How to play Pokémon GO?

When i first time installed the game, I was like ” This thing is not moving” Later i knew the real challenge! See the video below that clearly explains  about the game play:


Don’t forget to share your Pokemon Go Experience down in the comment section!


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