Pokemon GO: Should I Use Fake GPS In Nepal?

There’s no doubt that huge number of people around the Globe are using Fake GPS(Location Spoofing) to play Pokemon Go! Since the game has not been globally released and the question has arrived! Should I Use Fake GPS to play Pokemon GO? Is it safe? We’ve got you covered! In this article we’ll be explaining about the consequences of tricking the game servers with fake GPS.

What is Fake GPS?

Basically Fake GPS is a application/feature available on pretty much any modern android device that can trick your system and can generate Fake Location almost anywhere in the world. It means you can be at a corner of Nepal and trick the system ans set your location to some popular states of America.

What is the thing with Fake GPS and Pokemon GO?

Till now you may have heard people talking about the game play(Pokemon GO) in countries where they are banned. People are using Fake GPS trying to trick the system and get access to Pokemon GO. With Fake GPS you can almost play Pokemon GO from any country no matter it’s GEO Blocked or not. You can trick the game servers and pretend your location in Japan, America or Any countries and get access to their Gyms, PokeStops and even collect Pokemon (Read Full Article)

Is it safe for me to use fake GPS and play Pokemon GO?

The main question arrives here! No It is not safe for you to use fake GPS and Play Pokemon GO. Since the use of third party software in the game goes against Niantic’s “Pokémon Go” policy, and this is the sole reason why cheaters run the risk of getting banned. The Giant Company Niantic does not seems to like the way people are playing the game with fake GPS as it takes a lot of their server spaces. Latest Blog Post by Niantic explains about he consequences of using third party application to play/get access to the game. If you tend to use Fake GPS and Play Pokemon Go, you may get soft banned on the first stage and even permanently loose your account. So the conclusion here is NOP, it’s very unsafe to play Pokemon GO with Fake GPS. Ninantic has also given with the hint that they’ve started to permanently ban the accounts that uses Fake GPS to trick the system.

Despite of such risk, if you still want to play Pokemon GO In GEO Blocked Countries like Nepal, Use the following precautions:
1. Make sure you’re using your second account( dummy account) so that in case you’re banned you can still safeguard your primary account.
2.  Follow the video instructions:
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