Pokemon GO Update, Upcoming Features and Fixed Bugs

Yeah, we’re all addicted to this game! People are going so crazy for Pokemon Go! and Guess what? The next big Pokemon Go update is on the way with so many new features. The new feature will surely take the game into next level.  Here are the list of all the new features coming with the next Pokemon Go update!ffacc356c06f6899dc0d00167de03f91_large
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Better tracking options

Currently we focus on the bottom right of the display, which Pokémon are close to us. Even the small paw prints are not really good guide. That should change. Targeted arrows to appear that indicate you in which direction the next wild Pokémon waiting.

Swap Pokémon with friends

Clear, with double Pokémon we can not do much. The frequent although we can simply send in exchange for sweets to the lab, but what to do with the rare? In the future we shall they can share with our friends. That is when the developer probably top the list.

Fighting With Friends

When we look at the arenas in the area, we quickly realize that we still have quite a plow until we can take possession of them. Because the local Pokémon are simply too strong. But what we do until then? How can we strengthen it, without to feed them with candies? In future, we will gamble directly against our friends and so can train our Pokémon.

AR will be expanded

Augmented Reality is currently only at catching Pokémon used.but the future is also your normal way take place through the streets in your real world. You’ll see the environment and there should be overlays that show you where the next wild Pokémon is hidden.

Legendary (and more)  Pokémon will appear

While we currently have to make do with the first wave of Pokémon us, it is only a matter of time until the second generation follows. It will probably come up with a big event. For a first impression shows the trailer from last year, in which several people gather around a Mewtwo to defeat it. Logical is that we simply can not be captured. Since the developers will come up with something exciting.

Pokémon events in your city

As could be seen in the spot already, the teams might can compete together in competitions that take place in large venues. Probably the events are time-bound and not just be easy.So trained! But Unfortunately, we cant expect this feature in our country at least for now.

Team Battles

In a later version you will not only be able to fight against certain friends, but also to entire groups. This makes even more fun and trains the Pokémon better.

Did we missed something? Please comment down below we’ll surely take it into consideration.

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