Read “Laptop Buying Guide” before you buy any laptop

Thinking to buy a laptop and confused how to choose the right one?  Are you just a layman when it comes to anything remotely close to technology and not have much knowledge about specifications and features of laptops? BOOM!!! You just clicked the right link. Here’s full Laptop buying guide from scratch.

We’ll help you understand the insides of laptop specifications so that you just choose the one that suits you.

2015 has been the most advance year in technology. Mobile Phones and Laptops has been evolving with so many new features and price ranges. Today we’ll be discussing about the things that you need to know before buying a laptop.



So let’s start with processor and its types. Basically, processor is the brain of your computer and determines the speed of your computer. You might have heard the words Intel i7, Intel i5 and Intel i3. Those are the processors of the computer and each of them have their own function.

Intel Core i3 ProcessorIntel Core i3 Processor is the entry level processor that has only two cores. It has smaller cache memory and use less power. These processors are cheaper and have very weak multi tasking capacity. Sure enough, that computers with i3 are fast (they are 4th gen processor, duh!!) but they are mainly used for general purposes. If you are a student then I personally suggest you not to go with computers powered by i3 processors.

Laptops and desktops of these processors can be considered as normal devices. They are ideal for web surfing, Word and other document processing, simple and casual gaming, light photo and video editing, movies, music and other common use. Well, these processors are too old for students of these days but they can be best options for our parents as devices with these processor are cheap in price and can stand good for normal usage, i repeat normal usage.

Intel Core i5 ProcessorIntel Core i5 processors are Mainstream level processors with  four cores. It has higher cache memory(4-6MB) with turbo boost enabled for faster processing speed. They stand best for Gaming, photo and video editing and other bunch of stuffs. You can do more with i5 processors. They are faster and expensive as well. If you are looking for a budget laptop then i5 will be the better choice.

Intel Core i7 Processor:  Intel core i7 processors are High End Level processors with four or six as well as eight cores. It has cache memory upto 8MB with turbo boost enabled. They are really fast processors they are perfect for high end gaming, animations,vfx artists running 3D programs, Photoshop and other bunch of stuffs. If you are future computing student then you should probably go with i7 processors as they are very high speed processors with price range higher than i5 and i3.

Memory and Storage:

Apart from processing speed memory and storage capacity also determines the quality of laptops. Higher the memory better your laptop. Normal users can go with 2GB of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM. But it’s always to choose a device with 4GB of RAM in this generation.

Talking about Storage, It’s very common.It determines the storage capacity of your device. Higher the storage capacity the more you can store your stuffs. If you like to have hundreds movies, games, photos and other bunch of stuffs always in one place then 1TB(1024GB) of hard disk will be high enough for you but those are expensive as well. Truely speaking 500GB will be very sufficient storage unless you are a big movie and games hunter. Most of the laptops support memory extending feature in case of you run out of storage.


Screen size, Screen resolution, Graphics all fall under display. Higher the Graphic, more crispier your display. If you are future graphic designer or heavy gamer, you need a device with high resolution and external graphic card too. Otherwise Intel HD Graphics with 2GB internal will be the best. External graphic, bigger display are for those video editing geeks and movie fans.

Battery and Other:

Normally most of the device withstands 4 to 5 hour with normal usage. There are laptops and ultra books with 12 hours of battery backup as well. For home users, battery with 4 to 5 hour backup capacity will be enough. But if you need to carry your laptops daily in your offices, college and you feel annoyed to carry your power bricks, you can go with ultra book that can stand up to 12 hour without charging on normal usage

Most of the laptops today comes with stereo speakers in it. Normally laptops are provided with high end speakers. But do check for this as well if you are movie or music fan.

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