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Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Viber, WhatsApp these are the small set of applications that we use in out daily life, and if anyone notice these apps are the biggest mobile data hogs, grabbing those megabytes foreground as well as background. And we all know the Data Cost of our dearest Mobile Operators in Nepal. It’s not that we don’t notice these data consumption on our mobile devices. Some of us have also takes a simple solution to it by restricting the background data under  your android’s settings. Today we are gonna take the background data restriction process to a new level.

“According to a research 73% of your total  data usage happen in background,” Says Opera Max. Basically background data includes all the mobile data used when an application is silently running in the background. Today, we have an extremely powerful application that can solve our Problem.

What is Opera Max?

Opera Max is a Data Management and Data saving application that compresses pictures, videos and other  files in almost any app on Mobile Data  as well as WiFi connections. Opera Max claims that it can save upto 50% of your data for free.

What does Opera Max actually do?

Basically, Opera Max acts as a VPN, compressing all the data you receive on the way. You can also restrict background data for individual apps. Opera max also sends ‘Smart Alerts’ that notifies data usage by each app after the set limit is exceeded and block them if you will.

What to do? 

Here are what you should do to minimize data usage and save your data  for free.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and search for ‘Opera Max’ or click here and download it.

Step 2: To set up, connect to the Opera Max Cloud. Once Opera Max is set up, you’ll see a key icon in the status bar which means Opera Max is active.


Step 3: Go the hamburger icon on the top left and go to App Management. There you can customize Opera Max according to your usage by blocking individual apps. Just tap an app from the left section to disable the savings.

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Step 4: Unblock the app you want to use and enjoy!!

Here is a screenshot of data I saved this  month.

mob final wifi








You can also turn on Persistent notification with monthly date usage and savings under settings.

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